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4 Superb Olive Oil Varieties Grown!

At Waiohiki Olives we grow four cultivars which best-suit our well-drained, sunny hillside location and climate.


Here's a traditional Tuscan olive variety that suits New Zealand growing conditions very well. The small to medium sized fruit has an oil content of about 15 to 18% and produces well-balanced, mild buttery flavours when pressed.


Koroneiki olives originated in Greece and are now widely planted here. It produces excellent, smooth extra virgin oils with peppery, nutty and rocket leaf/ grassy flavours.


Another cultivar of classic Tuscan origin, Frantoio has a similar yield to Leccino, but with a delicious peppery taste, often mingled with grassy, creamy and buttery overtones. The trees grow well in New Zealand and are a favourite of many olive growers throughout the country.


Another hardy Tuscan cultivar, Pendolino olive trees are tolerant of cooler temperatures and are a good pollinator for other varieties, despite being self-sterile.

Oil extracted from Pendolino olives is typically light green with a slightly purple tinge and is considered to be of high quality. The ripened fruit also makes for great table olives.

How to Buy

We are happy to ship small quantities of our high quality Extra Virgin Oils upon receipt of payment with your order form and delivery address, either here in New Zealand, or overseas.

To download our PDF Order Form, please click here... or via email request to Stu Ryde: Waiohiki Olives

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Our Oil Press

Our centirifugal olive oil press is a key element in our business

Our centrifugal olive oil press is a key element in our high quality oil extraction process. (Click for a larger image.)

Check out details of our harvesting and oil extraction processes here...

Display rack of bottles of Waiohiki Olive Oil

Check out our stall at the Wellington Harbourside Markets!

Check out our stall at the Wellington Harbourside Markets!