Waiohiki Olives

 Our centrifugal olive oil press is available for hire

Fresh is always best...

The quicker we get our oil from the trees to the press, the fresher the output will be, and the less fermentation that can occur.

So at Waiohiki Olives, we harvest our fruit on the same day that we press them, preserving their unique flavours and aromas and ensuring the freshest possible extra virgin olive oil results!


Our oil is filtered to 190 microns

You won't find any visible sediment in bottles of our carefully pressed olive oils, as we go to great lengths to ensure their purity and consistency.

The result of our filtering and attention to detail during the pressing and bottling processes, is a lack of cloudiness and the absence of sediment that is often seen in lesser oils.

Not only does our oil look better; it really tastes better too!

Bottles of Waiohiki Olives Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our 2008 Vintage Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in 250ml bottles.